I want to reduce number of block, application crasesh and ANR problem

i want to reduce below image block. after i added this block my application ANRs showing.

Maybe by using any component block may reduce the blocks.

i don’t know how i reduce it. so create topic

can you show the procedure block of Front_size?

This will help you

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However he is making different setting to different button, so no.

Yes. why not.

blocks (1)

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Why no a good ui is having font of same variant
Like 16 18 20 22 not any four variant is more so make a list for 16 18 and so on and use any block as i mentioned.
Make a note that how your font shows in app.
Xs, s, m, l or sometimes xl and set number according to this so your ui seen better.

Oh, if you work like this, it might be better! I thought you said using the exact method you are using.

Please explain in detail or if possible with block tell me. i do’t understand properly.

using a loop with list of component and your number.

using some logic, it will be something like this.

If that works pls mark

as solution

It looks like it will be more than my block.

But your problem is the application crashing. This is a totally different method.

Input dispatching timed out (Waiting to send non-key event because the touched window has not finished processing certain input events that were delivered to it over 500.0ms ago. Wait queue length: 2. Wait queue head age: 5830.1ms.)

this is a actual problem. i think number of activity is large so i want to reduce it.

Have you tried the new method?

this method is very large and hard. my number of block is 196 . try to understand.

well, there is no other option.

If there is 196 label then how you make this?
Koding needs time.

If you have other component you need to separate the list.

Also, try this extension to avoid crash in procedures