I want to sell my app with 1million + install in google play store

Hello coders, i want to sell my app with 1 million + install in google play store. I will sell my app with play console account. App name Sing Karaoke. Daily install 1000-1200. My daily earning was 40-50$ daily and average $1000 in a month. I have earned over $25000 from this app in last two years. Unfortunately, my admob account has been disabled. I’m totally broken. So, i don’t want to continue work on this sector at tgis moment. That’s why, i want to sell this app. This app can be control from cpanel, and admob id can be change from server. So, you can easily update the admob ids.

App asking price: $6000 with play console & 1 domain + hosting

I’m hopefully sure you can cover this amount in 6-7 months.

App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bd.idolpa.freekaraoke

Why don’t you try any other ad network? It will be less but it will be something.

i’m destroyed .In bangladesh, currently facebook audience network account opening is too tough. They want different documents for verification. Those are not possible for me to collect.

Why are your admob is Disabled? What’s the issue?

another console termination.

I can’t understand you!! I think you got banned from admob bcz of copyright issues… You can’t earn revenue from copyright content… Right?

Anyone considering buying this app please do read this thread from Quora

My Google Play developer account is suspended. Why has Google always banned the developer account and my apps?

Also read answers from users…

One of the user wrote this

I am writing this answer after my more than 20 accounts terminated and 5+ app suspended.

Let me start it from the beginning.

Later in 2015 I started the android development and learn how to develop the app and how to publish apps on play store. I had no experience and no one to teach me how to publish apps and what should I do or don’t while uploading apps on play store. At that time (in 2015) Google Play Store policy is not as hard as on now. Later in 2016 I had developed and published one app which went viral and reached 1M+ download with 1 year. After 1 year I decide to sell the app and develop some other apps. So I sell out my app to Mumbai based company. Later in the ending of 2017 Google changed many policy-related developers and start suspending the apps quickly from Play store. After selling my apps to Mumbai based company, within 6 month that app got suspended by the Google due to violating spam policy. We try to get back the app but all tried to fail because there are no human listen to your issue at the Google help center. They are the bots who decide that app should suspend and bots give the reply of our emails too. So after many tries, we found that its almost impossible to recover the app. So we decide to risk the app and relaunch it on the same google account. But again they suspend our app. After some time Mumbai based company who buy my app registered another google account with same credit card details and google terminate both google account. My own google accounts link with their Google accounts because I make help while they have some issue in app. So after a few days, Google terminates my account too.

From this, my account suspension journey gets started… Read more here

I think Google will keep suspending and banning your account and unless you follow their rules…

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no dear, there was no copyright issue! i had two play console and one admob account. So, another play console has been terminated, as a result my admob account also gone.

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