I want to sell my "Cloudinary" account

No need to buy premium plane, this account lifetime free…

“Monthly limit”…

• 99,000 Transformations.
• 99 GB Storage.
• 99 GBBandwidth.

If somone wants to buy, contact via pm.



You are in Community from Years.
Still you are not Obeying Rules.

No Personal information only PM.

Lifetime free, but how ?

And yes no personal info.

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lifetime work monthly limit no need to buy premium plan


is this like that you invested money in the Premium plan.
and now you are not willing to use it.

So, you are selling it at a lower price.

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yes can you buy ?

@ADDYLIN I don’t think @dreemincome is selling his Cloudinary Account with Premium Plan Subscription. He is selling his Cloudinary Account with Free Plan.
As the image shared by him shows Free Plan Subscription.

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yes but free plan give only 25gb bantwidth or 25000 transformations or 25gb storage.

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You are selling your Cloudinary Account with Free Plan Subscription and if someone wants to use Cloudinary then they can create there own Cloudinary Account for free.

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Something is interesting here.
Don’t know what.

yes but not get upto 99gb storage or bandwidth or transformation on free

or premium plane hare…
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

  • [Plus Plan ($99 / Month)]
    225gb bandwidth or storage or 225000 transformation Monthly

  • [Advanced Plan ($249 /Month)
    600gb bandwidth or storage or 600000 transformation Monthly

  • [Advanced Extra Plan ($549 / Month)]
    1,350gb bandwidth or storage or 1350000 transformation Monthly

If it’s free plan, then how can you say that it will give these :point_up_2:

Might his account has been created at the time of websites Promotion time.

Like when websites offer extra to new users.

:blush: :blush: :blush:hmm…