I want to send notifications within a distance of 20 kilometers. If the distance is more than 20 kilometers, no notifications will be sent. How should

App notifies for help within 20 kilometers.

See OneSignal docs.

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The title should be short and precise, and in the body you clearly state the problem, providing as much detail as possible.
In your case it seems to me that you confused the positions.

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I am working on a project to help victims of disasters. By sending alerts to rescue stations within a distance of 20 kilometers with real-time data base. But I can’t write code properly.

When we can figure out what you are putting in your blocks, what extensions you are using, what database you are using, and what shipping platform you intend to use, maybe we can help you with something.
Until then this post makes no sense.

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do you use push from kondular component or. extension,?