I want to set a unique user id as project bucket name

i understand but i want to use firebase also because few detail of student will be under there project bucket and the project bucket name i want to give is unique user id. so now tell me what should i do to set so that unique user id will be set and it will be stored as project bucket name. please help

Depending your firebase stucture try this


@dora_paz i can use this to generate unique user id

Have you considered using Firebase authentication. This gives each user an uid. Using this with firebase rules provides good control over data read and write on your project.

i am telling this above extension because i have some data in realtime database thatwhy if i get user id i will set that id as project bucket of each students

please help!!!

any one please show me in-built component.

Please be patient and wait for a reply. Don’t spam the forum multiple times asking for help about the same thing. Thanks.

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i got it but please help me in this project because i am totally confuse how to add this block in every screen.
otpsystem.aia (5.3 MB)

in my project, firebase project bucket is set like this in login screen, signup screen, reset screen and in profile screen

and i want to set it like this in login screen, signup screen, reset screen and in profile screen

how to do it please help

@dora_paz can you please help me from this problem

Very sorry for creating double post.

First of all note that getting device id won’t work on Android 10 and higher devices because the application needs this permission: android.permission.READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE which is granted to only apps signed with the platform key and privileged system apps.

So you won’t be able to get DeviceId, get Imei, get Meid, get SimSerialNumber, get SubscriberId and get Serial

See also, image taken from Pura Vida Apps

@dora_paz for this reason i am changing it to user id.

want a solution.

Use Firebase Authentication…