I want to use cache in a webview application

Hi, I want to use cache for my application I developed as webview. Or features like cdn. For example, when I go back to the page I entered it should enter faster. How can I make it happen?

Hello i think kodular inbuilt webview component has catch system.but if you need extra option then you use this extention:webview catch extention

Can you please provide a link to the developers page and not only to the extension.

I found it


I will try this. Thanks.

I tried, but I get this kind of error.

set this on screen intialize first


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I tried it, the error was resolved. but the page is still loading slowly. I can send the project if you want. or as picture.

I think this plugin works when there is no internet connection.
That’s not what I want. I want it to load faster when the user returns to the same page while browsing.

Dude normal webviewer is so faster

Hello there,

What exactly do I need to do for the webview cache? I did not understand anything. Would you help?