I want to use google ads manager but

i want to use but there are some reason i can’t provide documents for approval

i can’t give my statement proof because it contains my personal information which i don’t want to show to anyone

  1. statement of facebook (remittance) it contains my real address , phone number ,my name , account info other information

Feel free to redact any personal info except your email address (that matches the one you’ve entered in the form)

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ok i will do and wait for approval

I have an app with ads approval from the previous update…but it has too few impressions can anyone tell how to use Google ad manger in it

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same thing here requests are 80,000+ and impressions are 2,000 in facebook ads but before update it 4-5 dollar per day and unity also 3-4 dollar per day but after new update everything has gone

You can either submit proof of monetisation (ad revenue, impressions, etc) or popularity (downloads, number of users). You do not necessarily have to be earning a high amount to qualify


But I have not earned any revenue yet…it is still showing 0.00

You can submit proof of popularity in that case, as described in my previous post


i already applied but i didn’t fill ads section submit it now i can’t fill form again i can provide those information to you in pm ?? please

edit : i filled that form 7 day ago because i didnt know about i can provide these info also


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thank you so much

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