I want users making earning apps banned

Is it so difficult to make something else then an earning app? Earning apps are giving builders like Makeroid a bad name and could make it so that in the future Google will ban them all together. Google is also not allowing earning apps in Google Play and will you get your developer account suspended.


A lot of time i wish all builders would not add so many monetization options. We would have a lot of different users if that was the case. Users who come here to learn and make great apps. Not users who only come here because Makeroid is an easy way to make some money.

I will not help anyone making an earning app. I for one would like to be able to ban all users who make earning apps with this great product.

Users who make earning apps don’t care about the future of a builder. When a builder gets blocked by Google because so many earning apps are made with it, they will go to find another way and will never look back.


yes earning app is peoples big issue, i don’t understand why people not want to make that for which people are needy or why their intention is to only earn money…:hushed::thinking:
I think hard working or efforts on earning app they should show this efforts to other app


I’m sure they’ll never reach admob’s payment threshold anyway.
They waste their time for a few cents they will never get.


The better way to earn money is make a youtube channel and upload videos with cc. If you have some videos like me where a videos is looked 40 mio times you can easy earn money. i posted some videos with cats and other cc videos and they go viral and was played 15 mio times and i earned 3000 dollar or more with 1 or 2 videos. You need to upload videos what the ppl like to share. And if some videos go viral than you make money for nothing. But with apps you will not earn money before your app hav 100 000 user daily. and this is impossible. What do you want to develop. what each person need or want to have because in the app store are million or apps.
If you make a game like angry bird than you can make money but this is a chance from, 1%. That you develop a app like fortnight or so.


You can please share your channel link

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From my view if u create a geneun app with ads, even that is a earning App . Because it make you create real apps + real earning . :wink:

But the term Earning Apps Is now meant as : A earning is app which force user to click ads and get reward for clicking. (That’s what I hate and other people have in mind when we say Earning app.)

EDIT : Also I got a lot people request me to create a Earning App for them. :angry: . i hate those people and clearly reject and also ask what’s reason for developing earning app then they just don’t reply or said thenmake any other app buy can’t state that which type of app they want.

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my intention is also same :star_struck::smiley::stuck_out_tongue: but people take it to wrong side but finally result is that admob is banned , play console suspend…:sweat:

You may focus more on Ads instead of App :blush: