[I will pay] Extension to send keystrokes to app

I wanna send key strokes to input field in webviewer,

Dont wanna set input field values coz some sites have javascript logic

Is it possible to send keystrokes to the input field in webviewer in kodular??
I can pay if anyone can make a extension for it

To prevent you from being ripped off, you can in fact do this with Kodular.

How?? How can i send keystrokes

You will have to wait for someone else to tell you that, I’m just letting you know that if someone were to take advantage of you and try making you pay for an extension, that you can do this with Kodular.

ohhh ok ok. It would be great if it can be done

I dont think vanilla javascript can do it. then how? any hint?

You dont have to show me blocks, just tell me how pleasee

Well you see, that would definitely cause more confusion than help.

If you’re talking about keystrokes, like a keyboard, based on my research, you can only do this on an OS level… Which means you can’t do it from Kodular.

If you’re talking about focusing on a text field, or pressing on a button, then yes it can be done in VJS.

I am talking about keystrokes, how can we use kodular to send keystrokes

Those cannot be sent using Kodular.

NodeJS can do it, why not java​:cry:

The Javascript is Vanilla… It’s nothing special, NodeJS is way different. Also, Java doesn’t execute the Javascript commands on Android, if I’m correct, the V8 Engine does.

Injecting key events is possible… Can anyone make a extension for me