I would like to create Apps for you!

Hey there!

I’m Leon and i’m 16 years old.
I love to create Apps with Kodular and love to help peoples with my apps!
I’ve also have a few Apps in PlayStore (currently only in German Language).

But why i write this?
Because i want to help YOU!
If you want an App or search for a “Developer” to create an App via Kodular for you, then i hope i’m your developer

How it goes?
Write me via PM about your Idea.
(I will only write via PM or E-Mail and I will not add any Person to WhatsApp or Telegram etc.!)
Please describe me exactly what it is about.
What functions, Need of Firebase and so on…

Is it for Free?
If you have questions, then it’s free.
But if you want me to create an App for you, then you have to pay a little bit.

The minimum for an App is 25 € (28 US-Dollar).
Depending on the complexity, it can also be over 25 € (28 US-Dollar).

Payments only via PayPal

But Note:
I’m going to school, so please be patient.
I will do my best, to get the best result for you.
I will also do as fast as i can!


I think the forum of a builder is not a good place to sell apps, man.
There are others places where you will be more lucky with that and you will be able to get 10x more then 25$ for app


Thanks for your Feedback.
Can you recommend me some? :sweat_smile:

Wrong -Donald J Trump

You can try other Communities if this one isn’t successful. That way you get quadruple the money, if all work out. App Inventor Power User Forum, Thunkable Community, AppyBuilder, and Kodular :kodular:

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Kodular :kodular: is the best community for me, so i will try it here first :smiley:


I can’t help you much about this because I am brazilian, I only know about places where to find brazilian clients.
I suggest you to google for it, search for Facebook Groups and websites like fiverr and workana, where users can offer their services and people can ask for services.
If you Google for workana / fiverr alternatives + your country you will probably find some websites focused on sellings and buying apps in your country.

Or you can try contact companies and people at your city and create an app for them too.
For example. I made a simple app which make about 1% of what Excel does, only 4 screens and about a week of work for a small company at my city. Basicly an app where he can type data and make some calculations very easy. In exchange for this I wound get R$500 (would be 125$ but in my country is a good money) but as the client owns a snackbar here I proposed R$800,00 of credit there and he accepted.
The best part is that this person recommended me for some friends of him and I will probably get others clients to do almost the same thing.


Hey Leon, Its great that you’re so interested in developing apps.
I spent some time on the website Truelancer before I got into using app builders and the pay is quite good. I have never used the site to make apps on kodular but you can search through the posts and find apps that you are able to develop on kodular.

It is a freelancing site that offers quick jobs, mostly web development and app development.
take a look if you’re interested!

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Just wanted to say that L3on has completed some work for me (I contacted him after seeing this post) and I am very impressed. Honest, fast, quality work, would recommend and will be working together in the future for sure!


Thank you :slight_smile:


erstaunlich! Ich hoffe, dass Sie Angebote und Kontakte finden. Ich hoffe, dass ich in Zukunft mit Ihnen zusammenarbeiten kann. Viel Glück.

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Thank you :slight_smile: For a collaboration you can write me via PM.

Bitte posten Sie Ihre Nachrichten auf Englisch!!!

Please post your messages in English!!!

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Sorry. I’ll send you messages in English