I would like to make a complaint about the Kodular payment system

All of us don’t know that after the new update of Codeula we need kodular premium account to create kodular app or access everything kodular. Where kodular costs 3$ for 1 month, and 35$ for 1 year premium subscriptions.

But some unscrupulous people are using kodular premium account using illegal or wrong card or etc without payment, they are running kodular account but they are selling it again, low price, however I am telling kodular, take a initiative in this matter, and Punish those who are selling premium accounts to others due to these Kodular payment bug issues.

Apologies if I have said anything wrong, and I am just telling this to Kodula,not misleading people or talking,

If anyone needs any proof please let me know, I will share the post link of some dishonest people who are doing illegal work with these kodular.

thanks everyone

Please fix some spelling mistakes

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Please don’t pretend to be a Kodular staff and make the fake promises.

Users here, are already busted with various serious issues. Kodular does not have an active developing team now, as I believe to be true. Everyone left the company after premium comes into play.

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this issue alredy noticed them.
but they not ready to respond me

i mentioned about the issue but no responce

better to avoid we cant do anything

we just inform them regarding the serious issue… But…

in my case i cant cancell my subsription i mistkly removed my card details now i dont know how to cancell my subscrption

@Diego please help me regarding the issue