Icon and label in side menu with ripple effect

I want to do a sidemenu like this:

or this:

with an icon and a label, but with the ripple effect. If I use a clickable horizontal arrangement it doesn’t show the ripple.
Is it possible to do this?

Maybe you can use the new listview component with image and text?

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I haven’t tried it. I’ll do some tests today

Ok, I did some tests, but I can’t use icons from material icons font as image…

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For these kind of slidebars you have a paid version of extension made by Andres cotes

Yes thats true. Because the listview needs real images and no font types as image.

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I will take a look if I can make a component for this


Just a new property will be enough for listview.

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Listviews have ripple effect? Because the default listview it hasn’t it.

Material.IO has an option to download individual icons as PNG or SVG.