ICON/S branding and resizing to .png transparent for App submission

I have tried to submit my app to a site and they are very vague with the submission issue . So it involves metadata & Icon sizing and branding. The Icons I submitted have images but no word branding. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what software did they use to remedy their issue? I have to resize the images like 30-40 times and they need to be transparent .png’s. Help me please. I do not want to do them one at a time using different software I only want to use one.

Which site?

Amazon which is now accepting apps. I am in the last stage.

Its Amazon.

I love the guide I need something like this badly. My question is this: What program do you use to change icon once its downloaded. I am guessing its in another format. So when you convert it to .tiff doesn’t it lose quality. Or do you work with that one file resizing and when done save as .tiff or .png and move on to the next?

You can use GIMP.
Its free open Source and has a big username to learn simple things like resizing.

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ImageMagick is also a great open source program for batch resizing (from the command line)

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I can copy a zillion images but want to control the sizing

Can you add the dimensions or one at a time ?

This might help:

Ok will give it a try thanks :slight_smile: