Icon support for dynamic buttons

As title I wants to say that .
On Next update…
Make a update on dynamic button from which. We can use icons and images on this button too

That would be great.
I was in love with these dynamic components until I saw that I couldn’t use an image with them.
It would be wonderful if kodular staff to allow us to do it. They are one of the biggest advantages of kodular over competitors.


Yes bro
Same here

I need to have icon for dynamic button
Can I know that did you updated the dynamic button
Because I need that feature now please

It’s a two year old topic, why is it open till now ?

@upendra5678 check docs for that’s it’s so simple. You can use material Icons, font Awesome and pictures in buttons by using blocks.
Button - Kodular Docs

But I need to get for dynamic button not normal button

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Then use it from any button to set it.

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