ID already used for another component issue

I created two different view in my app using dynamic component extension. Am facing an issue of ID already used for another component, I have looked at it to see where the error is coming from but i could not find any. Please can anyone help me check where the problem is coming from. Thanks

That’s because your space and card view id are the same.It’s better to join the id with a text like cv1 and s1
because they both numbers only.

Thank you i’ll do just that

You’re welcome.And please tell us if it works :grin:

Not working

If i disable this block the second block works and vice-versa. If the space and card view are the same it wont work. I don’t really know where the problem is coming from.

I think from your first block in the two procedures.this block that you make its id position +1.It’s the same in your two procedures.So, that causes the error.So please make something like that: join cv + (postion +1) and the same in your second procedure.

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When does this error happens?

it happened

i found the reason of this error:
You are using CardViewtwo id two times.

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Thanks, I’ll check and get back to you…

Sorry for the disturbance. I have corrected the CardView id, but am still having the same problem. i don’t know if i can send the aia, maybe you can look into it :slight_smile:

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The same id error :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes you can

Thank you. i’ll pm you

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Evaluation.aia (125.1 KB) Here is the AIA (You’re not accepting messages, that’s why i sent it here…)

I’ve sent you a pm.You can send it there.But if you have no problems from sending it here.let it :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem it’s fine

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