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Does anyone know what I should do, I just had a few banners from I removed and sent a new version, but even the new one I send appears this message, it’s for analysis, do I have to do anything else?

The app includes an SDK version that doesn’t comply with Google’s policies
28th of sep. 2022 1:26 pm
App version 38 xxx11 includes the SDK version, either directly or via another SDK it depends on. acknowledged that it previously sold the location data collected by the SDK. The use of an SDK that collects and sells the user’s personal and confidential data in the app is a violation of Google Play’s User Data Policy, which prohibits the sale of such information, regardless of the end user’s consent.

Also, by default, this SDK version requests device location data without a programmatic method to verify that end-user consent information was received by the app. In cases where users do not expect that personal and sensitive data will be necessary to provide or improve features or functionality of the app that comply with the policy, access, use, collection and sharing of the data must be disclosed in the app. . Therefore, because this SDK allows for collection without consent, use of the SDK version may result in your app violating the consent and declaration requirements and/or the approved purpose requirements of the User Data and Permissions policies. and APIs that access sensitive information from Google Play.

Therefore, using an SDK that violates our policies may result in further restrictions, such as removing the app from the Play Store and blocking re-uploads of apps using that version.

IMPORTANT: TAKE ACTION NOW TO AVOID VIOLATIONS has informed Google that it has stopped selling device location data. You must ensure that the app does not sell sensitive and personal data from users who violate Google Play policies directly or through third-party services (including SDKs).
Analyze the behavior of the app to verify that it only accesses, collects, uses and shares (including with SDKs) the device location for approved purposes and in compliance with the consent request and applicable prominent statement of the aforementioned policies. Do not enable SDK data collection if it violates these requirements.

After reading this paragraph, I don’t think it’s worth reading the rest of it.
Google should be strict and permanently ban those worthless yet extremely dangerous networks.

So what should you do?
Well, go for Admob and/or Audience Network.

Hello, yes I already removed it, I only used it on one screen, now I removed it from all of them, but I want to know if I just update the app with the new version if it will be ok? When I release a new version, is the previous one no longer valid?

Google clearly stated that it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re not sending any sensitive information to third party (i.e : Your Ad network). So, until you’re sure about the data leakage problem is solved, it’s not Okay with just a new update.

If it’s been found repeatedly doing so, you may lose out access to update the app anymore.

It’s still valid for those who have not been updated your app to the latest version. Your old app will still be stealing data from them.

Tip : What if your users can get a premium plan for free for a limited time (until the SDK issue gets solved)? Just remove all the ad components and push an update!

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Hello, thanks for the answers, yesterday the app was updated, I removed the components, but as I said today I went to try to send another version to update to see, and the message appears again, informing about version 38 which is the one that it has component, I want to know if there is any way to type delete or undo this version, as the latest version is already correct. Or if I just have to wait for everyone to update to the new version?

So this version is live now? Without ads, right?

Simple to understand! Even if acknowledged Google that they no longer steal data, they are not yet able to push a new SDK update correcting problems or they are an ad network whose maximum earning source is data stealing and they can’t stop it. :sweat_smile:

Why don’t you try Admob? Or, Facebook?

Hi, yes, I already use admob and admanager, I used only in an app window, and I already updated without, I want to know if I just have to wait, or are there any places where we can pause , remove the old version that had problems, or if the update will already work.

Just push an update removing all the ad components from your app. That’s the solution for now.

When releases a new version solving the problems, and Kodular implement it on their builder, you can again push updates with ad.

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