Id parameter in Snackbar and Clock method with Timer Enabled with Id

Hi Kodular Team,

I would like to suggest to add an Id parameter in below event and method . I know this can be achieved by creating a global variable and changing it as and when called. I just feel an in built parameter would have reduced the number of blocks and simplify the process. I have seen the id parameter added in to create custom methods (mainly notifier component), hence this suggestion.

Snackbar :
Please add an Id parameter. :point_up_2:

With the help of an Id parameter, the user will be to identify and execute specific functions on Click besides dismissing the visible Snackbar. :point_down:

A Timer Enabled clock method with Timer Interval , and Id parameter.

The user will be able to set required interval and create a custom clock trigger. So
triggers, the user can define multiple function and choose which to execute.