IDE Reformatting Text Automatically and removing line returns

When I open my HackProtect extension in IDE I get strange line formatting, which makes it hard to manage, and also causes errors. (Because I am new at coding, I am a heavy whitespace user.)


                "Build.MANUFACTURER: " + Build.MANUFACTURER + "\n"	+
			    "Build.BRAND: " + Build.BRAND + "\n"

Changes to this

                "Build.MANUFACTURER: " + Build.MANUFACTURER + " "Build.BRAND: " + Build.BRAND + "

Other lines change as well.

			|| Build.HARDWARE.equalsIgnoreCase("goldfish") 
			|| Build.HARDWARE.equalsIgnoreCase("vbox86")

Changes to:

			|| Build.HARDWARE.equalsIgnoreCase("goldfish") || Build.HARDWARE.equalsIgnoreCase("vbox86")

I am also facing with this problem, IDE removes some line breaks.


Yes I’m also facing with this problem too. I reported that before.


Another example. @Diego . Sorry to call you into this. Can you give us an idea of what is going on?

I close the browser it looks like this

                    "\nVERSION.RELEASE : " + Build.VERSION.RELEASE

I open and it looks like this



This issue is now fixed
Please wait up to 24h for cache resetting
Else it should work on Incognito now


You may have introduced a new bug.

Now When I compile I am getting an error.

here is the real code,

        if (new File(places[i] + this.binaryName).exists()) {

And here is the code from the error

       if (new File(places[i] %u0244 this.binaryName).exists()) {

This was removed… Make sure cache has been purged

Now it has deleted all the + in my code

Make sure you are using Incognito…
I have tested it right now and it’s working properly…

BTW, purged cache in Cloudflare one more time
Try even using other device

Ok . Trying now. In cognito, wifes computer

Nope, it is still deleting the +

Weird :thinking:
I would say to wait up to 24h. Here it is working, but probably because I have used development mode