[IDEA] Algolia API extension

Hey, there
I think Algolia extension could be very important and useful:+1:
(Algolia has also a forever free plan)
You can read about Algolia here:

And you can read more about its well documentated API here:

Why do you think that? What does it do and what makes it special?

Did you try to work with the API yourself?

Algolia has multiple uses cases, as explained in its site. It is more powerfull than its competitors, it offers a free plan and it has a very intuitive dashboard.

Not all Kodular developers are able to work with API and I think Algolia should be easy-to-use for everyone.

For an extension developer to dig into this it would be good to supply the info here.

The more info you give the more likely a developer would help you in making this.


I can do it but I can’t conform you

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Peter… Do you really think extension developers aren’t able to open a simple link on their browser and read an easy-to-understand site? Do you really judge extension developers so stupid?

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No, i think that if you want something you should provide the info to make the work of the extension developer as easy as possible. And if you are willing to pay for it.


I’m not an extension developer, I cannot give other info except for the idea…
I don’t care about the price: it could be free or paid. Actually now I neither need it, I just provide the idea because I think it is fine and it could be usefull for someone:sweat_smile: