Idea for the next update

Hello team, i have a hood idea for the next update or so.
I think i would be nice if you use the companion app to live production, if there is a button where you can stop the live test. If you design the screen it is really nice that we can live develope the design with this app but it takes more time bc you have to wait until the new components or the option changes are sended to the app. So you have to wait for it after each click (input)
It would be nice if you can click on pause. The app is connected to the builder but in a pause nodus until you click the button again.
Than the updated screen or bliocks will send to the companion app. *
I want this feature if it is possible and i believe it is possible to make a update pause button because you will be much faster in some things.
i have 12 buttons in a arrangement and i want to look if the design is right whati did,
If i have to change for each button the text height or i set the text to bold, i have to wait after each click for the update on the smartphone.

With the pause button i can click on it, change al 12 buttons to bold or i change the color or anything else and if i am finish i stop the pause modus and i see the update.

Atm i have to wait after each click. or i stop the companion app and if i am finsih i connect the app again. But all of theese things take much time till you are reconnected and the data is loaded.

I think this could be a really nice feature for Kodular bc we are the only builder which has this component and i believe it is not much work to do that.

Let me know what you think for that.


I agree that I cannot make changes live, as every change forces a complete reboot of my app.

A pause would be nice if possible,


Just like thunkable air live preview without reboot

what do you mean i dont know that, what is the live preview without a new start. we have also a live preview the companion app.
Can you explain a bit more about that please.


Thunkable now supports air just like genymotion.
It shows live preview on browser aside just like android studio


Yes, it’s a really nice idea. It also has a high-volume application that quickly ignites memory when many changes occur

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I am just waiting for update in kodular anything else i love kodular and i use this but i just giving idea what makes kodular best and different.
When did kodular releases next update…awaiting


Ohh ok now i know what you wrote. Yeah it is a nice feature but i think with the companion app and maybe a pause option we have a good preview. (for me)

How it shows live preview in browser? I can’t find it

Thats true Kodular is for me the best builder too because we have much much and really much more components as other builders, not that they are bad but Kodular is the most developed builder atm. AppyBuilder made the builder open sourcei because they dont have the time and or the motivation to develope forward. The last update was in 2018 in october. They have to update a lot of sdk s.
Thunkable is also a good builder buzt they will shut down the normal android builder at the end of the year i bealieve maybe next year but they will do it. It is a good builder because you can develope for ios and android in the same time but that builder is atm in his child shoes and need much much more components to make really good apps. But what i dont like is you have to pay if you dont want that other people can see your project and use it.
But what i love on thunkable is that you can generate apps /apks with a higher size ( believe 3ß or 40 MB at the moment)
This is one thing what Kodular should make also. They talked last year that they look to set the app size limit higher.

Kodular eats all builders because of the daily development not like as the other builders.
Kodular have the power to get the only builder for android apps because each day we see more people here and they switched from others.
Thunkable as i told shut downm the normal android builder.
Block2Code is too fresh and have not the same components as we have. The community very small , but who know maybe they will make good steps forward with some thigs which no builder has or in a other way. The futur will show it.

I like you wait for the next big update and hope for the next nice features.:grinsend::grinsend: