Ideas for a space exploration app

I have entered on a app design competition and the topic for the contest is space exploration. I have been building an app for few days for the competition, I would be very helpful if you can give me some ideas or tips for this app.

Welcome. That is a great idea. If you want some help you have to show what you have done so far.

Is it just the UI part?
Here we have several UI experts.


No, we have to build a full working app.


Elaborate more about space exploration

*Planet gravitation simulator (using canvas) [where you can change gravitation,size etc of planets and then observe their behavior according to it]

*Rocket Launch Simulator: where user can observe the change in escape velocity and orbital velocity with the change in the planet’s size.

*Solar system simulator (using canvas) : [Again sun/star gravity variable and planet’s gravity variable to determine their velocity and behavior of revolution of planet]

*Story-based space learning game (using canvas)

*Planet/Galaxies/Constellation Image & Info database

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How can I participate :grin: :laughing:

I believe that the registrations are closed but you can still check it out here

I believe its Championship

people add games another things add something related to ai in space add information

Games are to enjoy :video_game: not to make a nerd :nerd_face: out of you.

add 3d models of rockets bestest tip

just add planets , rockets ,3d models
add info for spacex nasa astronauts info
also add high graphics video(your choice)make own video/export
i prefer make your own video to make it attractive
u can try it it is bit hard

Just don’t get a Copyright Strike by Space x and NASA

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yes he is also true
make something for kids so that they learn good things of space faster and add news of space