Ideas for guides

I asked in my first guide some suggestions for guide but my post got flagged so I ask here. Please give me some ideas :pray:

I changed the title. Everybody can give ideas here but we don’t want to see everybody making their own give me ideas topic. Keep it organized.

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Hi sorry for being late it will be live 2:30 pm GMT this time for sure !

air table basic app pls

Sure :+1:t2:

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also chrome custom tabs

Sure :+1:t2:

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Unfortunately Chrome Custom Tabs component has been removed from Kodular.

oh ok then

Oh! Is that so? Then why my creator is showing custom tab component? :thinking:

Make sure you have enabled the experimental category from settings menu in the creator


Oh ! I didnt know that

ya same with me

Gofile is a free file hosting service
This can replace Firebase Storage
Make a guide on how to use Gofile api as it uses curl

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I will try also I will try to make a Guide on debugging as I have seen some people don’t try to solve the problem themselves and come running to ask for the solution.

You can’t use Gofile as storage if you don’t be a donor. If you don’t pay, all your files get deleted after 10 days…

Yes, We can store for more than 10 days if we are a member,
I would like to become a member.
It is cheaper than Firebase Storage in some cases.
Making a guide on Gofile is necessary.

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I am in need of a idea or two :grinning:.

Guide On Canvas.

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@ADDYLIN What are your requirements… Or just wanna get an overview
Bcz cancas has a lot of dimensions.
As @Italo has already proved.

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sounds good

i just need the basics and a little above it,
i tried youtube but unfotunately there nothing i found.

after basics i will elaborate, learn and proceed myself.

Can you point the topic.
Might i get some stuff there.

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