If I want to display Youtube Video. How to place ads

Can i put ads in app which contains youtube videos. Not on the same screen of youtube video player. But on different screen.

This is not allowed according to Admob policies
There is already an app “Youtube” and why would they allow this method.
You can display ads in others screens where there is no Youtube player.
And also you should not use other’s videos without permission.
You have to use other streaming platform which allow showing ads. (Free/Paid)
Most streaming platforms have embed option.
You can show embed video in webview.


The best way is to store it in Firebase Storage and show in Web View
You can place ads with this method.

It will be very rapid. My team will deploy videos and We can’t keep downloading.

I will use videos after asking permission. And no screens with youtube video will be monetized. Can this workout?

You can use with permission and no ads on that screen.

Who is that content creator who upload videos rapidly?
Are there multiple channels?
Can’t they upload directly to Firebase?
You can provide them an admin app.
So they can upload videos to Firebase.
But you should make sure the videos are compressed (reduced file size)

Thank you for your time and solution.

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