If only "x_sound" is playing, "y_sound" should playing with click variation_button?

x sound is playing now. but how can i play y sound while playing x click variation button?

what is missing here?
If x_sound is currently playing when I click the variation button, it should be active.

These blocks should work. Maybe Check the source of sound_y

i can’t :frowning:

your global variable RITM_sources must be a button component

is this true? error not changed :frowning:

unfortunately you do not show us, how you set that global variable…
as already said

a button component is the last block in your button drawer…
see also A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features

it looks like you are confused about your variables…
it makes sense to use some conventions to not get confused…

for example if it is a list, prefix the word with list like this listButtonComponents rather than RITM_button
and if it is a list of source files, use listSources rather than RITM_sources
like this you will realize easily, that you are assigning a list to the component socket, which obviously will not work


Can anyone show a sample block for this topic?


use only one button component rather than a list of all button components

I do not understand what you wrote because someone asking for your help said it as public spam and closed the current location from solution.

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