If the textbox content is full, the button color will be red

Hello, as I showed in the example, if the textbox content is full on another screen, the button will light up red, how can I create this code, can you help me with this issue, thanks.

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What about using virtual screens?
See tip 1 here


I can do this on screen 2 but I want the color of the button on screen 1 to change

Let my suggest you again to use virtual screens

Jf you do not want to do that, you have to use TinyDB to store the color and read the color from TinyDB in the other screen


@Bilginin_Kanali Use lenght of text condition in Text on change event block then save color in TinyDb for that

when Length of textbox > 50
then {
save colour to TinyDb for that button

could you please make an example?

1st tell how much lenth of text u want?

Text length 20 but what I want is to change the color of the button on screen 1

There is Text on change Event block in Textbox put condition on that block if length of text>20 then save that button colour in tinyDb for screen1

You can use tinydb if want to save/pass text for whole screens in the app