If Webviewer current url contains Playstore apps link how we can open that in playstore

Has anyone solution?

Open with market:// using ActivityStarter.

In my case it opens in Play Store automatically. :thinking:

No. It doesn’t opens in playstore. It shows webpage not available

the page on webviewer is created by you?

No… i mean if i search for any playstore apps on google in webviewer the app should automatically open in playstore but when i search any app in webviewer the app does not goes to playstore.

simple solution is -

when any user open a play store page then use the current url block and then use chrome custom tabs component to open that url, if that link is a valid play store app link then it will open play store app.

You can also use activity starter and set the url from current url block.

Will it be suitable for browser app

yes… it will be ok to use that…

logic - if current loaded url in a web viewer contains text = https://play.google.com/ then you can open that url in chrome custom tab. its easier than activity starter,

Bro i does this in blocks but not working am i doing right?

wrong blocks.

Can you suggest me how should i do

if contains(text=[URL], piece=[https://play.google.com/]) {
    //do stuff
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I liked the way of your blocks explanation :heart_eyes: (please ignore this answer)

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Thanks sooo. much it worked…
I am so happy with your way of explaining
May you be happy in all your life.

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