Ignore uppercase/lowercase

Describe your issue Is it possible to ignore lower case for and uppercase value. Let say in my list i have upper case some items like Dogs, Cat, Birds, then i would like to use a textbox and type things that are possible in the list using “is in the list thing”. Which its working, but only for Dogs=Dogs and im expected i can also work for Dogs=dogs lower and upper case exception vice versa.

What I did

God bless. Hope you share any solution guys

Here is the solution:-

When user Search for a keyword, convey his keyword to uppercase and perform search with user keyword and uppercase keyword

how about spelling exception like Stephen = Stepen is it possible? from list and textbox?

That’s a bit harder to implement because it’s not easy to figure what’s a mistake and what’s a different word altogether.
You’ll have to maintain a list of words that are spelled similarly and replace all occurrences of such words with one version.