I'll pay to remove old apk on CHPLAY

in version 39, i’ve use unity-ads, but from version 40 i remove all ads and blocks, now my version is 100 but CHPLAY told me have to remove version 39, i’ll pay to help me via team viewer ( i have new aab file not contain any ads )
Thank you very much.

"Version code 39 of your app appinventor.ai_xxxxx contains the SDK com.unity3d.ads:unity-ads (or the SDK on which your library depends) that collects personal or emotional data, including including but not limited to null identifiers. The device’s permanent identifier is not linked to the user’s other sensor and personal data, or the resettable device identifier, as described in the User Data Policy.

As of 00:00 on January 1, 2023 (UTC), we may be able to prevent action on new app app releases that contain SDK versions that aren’t primarily responsible for user data. whether policy. You should upgrade to a version of the SDK that is policy-compliant and does not contain the offending code (if the SDK vendor has such a version), or remove it from your app.

According to your SDK vendor, you should consider upgrading to version 4.0.1 and/or contact your SDK vendor to see if data has a new, more appropriate version. Google cannot endorse or recommend third-party software.

WHAT TO DO: Please download the new version, comply with the policy, and deactivate the non-compliant version."