App is crashing on Android 9.0 .
Crashes are :

  1. IllegalStateException in .CPU
  2. IllegalStateException in Fabric.singleton

Primary Functionality of App
Showing data from Airtable in Colintree Listview.

What I’ve tried yet
Reduced Assets File size (in pixel) .
Changed ScreenSwitching method to Tribblehunter’s Multiple Screen Method

And now, I have no more idea how to deal with it.

I’ve searched throughout the web for a solution, but couldn’t get it into work. Any solution please?

It seems to be a Fabric Crashlytics error

Ask to @Diego about this problem

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Most of my app users are on Android 9. Can anyone please help me understand the problem?

The problem was with the App Icon. Compressed it (in pixels) and job done!

Marking this as solution as it solved my issue. Good job @asimjib93 😅

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