Im creating app for news

hello how are you people i hope u all fine,
i have a big project to create for news i will give that option for people can earn money by posting news on the app , can kodular give that access ? for example to creating post on the app? if yes can u give me a tutorial and also i have a question can i put this to select people what they want to read,

In my Knownledge
well earning apps are prohibited on kodular

You cant montize such app. Earning apps are noy ALLOWED. Dont waste your efforts on such idea.

my app is not earning app is going to be like opera for example to share news through the app

Yes you can monetize. This will not be counted as an earning app. :white_check_mark:

i want for people to publish they news if they create account, can kodular have that option ? if yes do u have any tutorial to do it ?

You’ve 4 minutes of read time! :sweat_smile: Sorry, but I can’t send you ready to use blocks. Search the community, read topics and you’ll definitely find your answer.

i cant find it