I'm going Open Source

Good afternoon my fellow Koders :sunglasses:,

I hope you’re all doing well even during these tough times!

Today, I’d like to announce that I’m going completely open-source with anything I make for Kodular or any AI distro. This will come to surprise as many, because I normally don’t do open-source unless it’s for a web project or something. I had someone ask me for source the other day and I felt bad that I turned them down and didn’t bother to really help them. I’m deciding to change that for the better, and I’m wishing to help others out that are also having issues developing extensions, apps, or web projects :). Talking about apps and web projects, those are next.

Apps of mine will be open-source from this point on unless they contain a paid extension. I understand the risk I am taking by doing this, but I am hoping people will learn the reason to not make things open-source from this… Asking for AIAs is a serious epidemic in this community.

During these hard times, I am trying to reflect upon myself over the past few years [as I’ve said before], but as you can see… I am making progress and want to help others do the same. I’m hoping that everyone can help me make the change that I’m trying to be :)

I love you all, and as always :arrow_down:


I do not understand anything from the length of the message but I expect you will help us in learning to make extensions
Is this not true or what?

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I will be making my extensions, apps, and web projects open-source. It is to help you learn.

I have a questions

You own a badge called [Students] how you got it.
Second, are you good at making extensions?



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Wow, it would be really cool to love learning from open source files

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I don’t want to be biased, so let someone who has used my extensions answer that for you :)

I want to learn to make extensions why not help each other

Please stop asking or demanding things that have already been answered. Source will be available on GitHub and I will release more details later on.

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I am waiting for you .

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There is absolutely no need to wait for me.

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