Im going to create app for Soccer

Hi everybody how are u people :smiley:
Im creating design from figma
Photo :

This its with paid this design but i clone it :smiley:
And i want to know , can i create like this from kodular ? bcs for me kodular its the best and i want to create with kodular and wen my app its going to grow wen i publish it in play store im going to grow kodular too , with money :smiley::smiley:

Can kodular have options to put in my app post like its flashscore ? for example lives goals etc etc ?

  1. Dynamic compound extension
  2. Vertical scroll arrangement
  3. Horizontal arrangement
  4. Floating view extension
  5. Image component
  6. Bottom menu
  7. Few labels ate enough

Can u teach me ?:pray:t2:

We can suggest you or correct if any error happen in your projects. Because we all have our own works. I feel sorry to say. You can try to construct at least to somewhat if not search in our community. You could get idea and logics, then you will feel Why do have to ask others rather than i could make the app easily like that.

Do you want to hire someone to do this,?

Yes. By api

How much will you pay someone?

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thnx for helping :slight_smile:

how to do that ?:joy_cat::joy_cat:

i want to learn …

i just want to learn but if i hire someone i pay for 100$ or more

US$ $100 dolars to do what exactly?

You should find an API for this for getting soccer data.


I think , that you don’t read it carefully. You are in a big hurry to answer many topics at the same time.
I know what $100 is worth. I asked : to do what exactly

Where to find it ?:joy:

Hmm… I don’t know what are you gonna make, but if you want to create an app which is based in real soccer match result, you should find an API to get data.

You can get data using Web component. You can search Google with keyword of β€˜live soccer api’ or whatever you want.

Or, you can just crawl data from some soccer website like β€˜’.

If you want to create the app by your own, then you can follow suggestions above.

I am… i don’t know what to say but i am laughing on myself :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: