Im not sure how playstore publishing works

i have already upload my app to the playstore but my question is my app dosent run in android 6 and 7. so can i upload a new app just for android 6 and 7 with less features and that is compatible with android 6,7 while keeping the main app for newer versions? if yes how to do it? thanks…

You can develop this lighter version, use another package name and upload it to Playstore.

What features are you talking about that are available on Android > 7 but not on Android 6 & 7? :upside_down_face:

Yes, you can.

thank you!

the app used to work on android 6 with default web view. then i introduced custom web view and permission function, it may be the way i initialized them but for somewhat reason app is not working on android 6 now. but the early version with inbuilt web view still works. so the plan is to use inbuilt web view with less functions for android 6,7 and keep the slightly advanced version for android 8 and plus devices (the feature is opening another app with my app)

you might want to elaborate, what exactly means “does not work”? what should happen and what happens instead? Also a screenshot of some relevant blocks could help…


But even if, as you claim, CustomWebView doesn’t work on Android 6 and 7 (which I doubt), you don’t need 2 apps to do it, just a simple API query.

And answer this question:

I use android 6 and it works just fine in my phone. The main phone I use to test in companion and apk is android 6