I'm Sorry 😞

Dear Kodular Community Staff & its users,
I’m sorry for the times I was rude to users through calling them, you, him, or her things which they were not. Through being given chances that I shouldn’t have deserved in the past to now only one last chance again… Ending at where I begun. I have a right to be the way I am on the Community daily. However I should no longer choose that path, as it’s unhealthy and dangerous for myself and others. The choices, like right now, will affect your future and most importantly my future. For the next few days I’ll be taking a break from Kodular Community, cleaning my act up. Today is the last day I’ll be on for the rest of the night answering any further questions which will arise before 12 AM EST. Expect no answer from me on here. Don’t contact me on Telegram if you know it, I’m trying to stay off of there too.

For ProKoders,
I’ve tried asking to be removed because I don’t deserve being a ProKoder. I understand that my exceptionally rude behavior has become an issue to Owners and Koders currently a ProKoder. If I was removed, my behavior wouldn’t ruin your reputation… Which was the point of me being removed. From now on like someone suggested, I will be letting someone else take over the topic if I get mad.

- Thank you for reading this. Have a good rest of your week!


We can forgive, but it is very unlikely that the person you want to forgive will arrive. That’s why you have to know “do not cross the line” between a platform dedicated to helping those who are less gosan of the intelligence to develop applications, but with great ideas that they want to work with. For this App Inventor, solves the need to know how to program in java, kotlin, among others. If you know something, share it, do not discriminate because others have no idea how to do it. We all need a friend who knows everything, and sometimes we also need a friend that distracts us from knowing so much.