Image Component Bug

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

The image Component is not working properly because when I call image from the assets it’s working and the image is getting displayed but when I’m trying to call image from a link it’s not even loading the image. Do I need to buy premium to display image from url ?

I Have tried many url and many ways but the image Component is not able to load image from any url.

Expected Behaviour :- Should show image regardless of URL.

Actual Behaviour :- Nothing is showing…

Show your Blocks :- it’s literally set image Component picture to ( URL )

Android version :-12

Can you give us one image link? By the way you ate getting the link fitebase or airtable? Does it return exact image link?

I’m literally pasting the image link into the text block.

And here is the link :-

Did you set any width or height?

Yep i have also i have checked if it will work when I enable scale to fit. But nothing i think kodular is having some internal bugs with is effective defferent issues to defferent users.

If possible, did you test with lower end devises?

disabling High Quality image under screen options works for me

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