Image display in taifunfile not showing in new kodular

i create whatsapp statuse saver and upload in google play
حفظ حالات الواتساب
and work fine

now i try to modify and before change its direct showing this error in new kodular version

this is the block
error 1

Your android version ???

version 10 still not update

the app i upload in google play still working in my phone without any problem
but run through kodular now not working

Add the block join file:// just before the pathway and try(due to fenix)

This thread contain your issue - image not loading. You can try different method available in this.

You needn’t to withdraw your post because you are right.
In Android 11 that can be issue as well.

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i try it still not working same issue

images can download on mobile put not display in taifunfile extension

the error message is about loading a video file and not about displaying an image…
are you using a videoplayer to load the video?
do you still get a list of images and videos?

this suggestion sounds reasonable… did you try it?

sorry, the purpose of my file extension is not to display images…

btw. soon after Kodular targets SDK30 you will not be able to access files of other apps anymore…



is there any solution ?

read the design document including the new rules for Android SDK30

see also Evan’s blog

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