Whatsapp Files Path

I got some things while going through my file manager as on android 11 we can’t access files in android folders . So I got an image which I recieved on whatsapp when I checked details of that image I got this file path

Is this original path? If Yes then we can get Path of statues Also and that will help the. Status saver apps because my status saver apps are not working
Here are some of them

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On Android 11, Google restricted access to files in the Android folder. This happens with applications targeting Android 11, so if you were to downgrade your file manager to a version where they targeted Android 10, you should be fine.


Google Files can access those folders

Images which you received on whatsapp and the statuses have different file paths. so it is of no use.

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Means we can access file’s from android folder on android 11

Yes that is but I am searching for the path of statues and not able to find it

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Ok let me try

No it can’t but i got media folders of what’s app but still no folders for statues

Here is video that it can’t access data and obb folder

I said about other folders in android.

May be status have different file path !!

Yes I think whatapp’s is taking care of it’s users privacy :rofl:

@Aditya_Nanda instead of replying multiple times to quote different things, you can quote different things in one reply! No need to post 4 replies to two quotes :grin:!


Those file’s paths have been added to Media Store Database.

Ok i will take care from next time

where i can find this ? @vknow360

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Can you tell me how to get path of statues on android 11 @vknow360 :pray: and @hammerhai :pray:

Maybe here:


I was never in this conversation to give answers about WhatsApp. I don’t even use the thing.

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Thanks @vknow360 let me try this

Ok no problem :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I just checked the path for the status is

/Internal storage/Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses/

@vknow360 is correct

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What about Android 12