Image do not appear when running project

Hi all, I am unable to bring up images of an “airtable”.
I created a table with two fields “Name” and “Image”. I chose the “Name” and the “Image” as “Single line text”. When compiling the project, the names appear and everything is fine only the images do not appear. I upload the images in " Google drive", and in “Mediafire”, but still to no avail.
Here is a link of an image: “boucher.jpg - Google Drive
Please help ? Is there something was wrong ??

Use image utilities to load image

Also you should url in the following format

For example

Hi. I’m doing the “Guess what?” game. The user must recognize the word of the image by typing on the keys of the keyboard formed by the letters of the word to guess.
Words and images are in the “airtable” database. I’m imitating a project I found on youtube “How to create Guess What? game like flipkart game part - VI - YouTube”.
Since I’m a teacher and not a programmer (I’m blue in programming), I’m looking for open projects to emulate. I can send you the file aia if you can help me.
Thank you.

If you wish send it to give it a look

I send you the project. Thanks for help

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Mediafire images won’t show, either upload images to cloudinary or to google drive and change links to airtable. I tested with gdrive image ad works

Unfortunately, I tested with google drive with two different smartphones but it didn’t work. If you can send me the project you tested with gDrive. (See link I sent you)
Please send me the project that worked with you.