Image Editor App aia

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Alright I want to take my Like back.

Alright, here’s a detail rundown after my investigation.

The link in OP leads to a website hosting tons of AIA’s. Downloading one of them (I downloaded the AIA advertised in the OP, just to verify) leads to an ad-infested site that lets you proceed to Google Drive after 5 seconds. Then, you may download the AIA. The AIA is made with Thunkable, and is incompatible with Makeroid for its use of the component ThunkableFloatingActionButton. That itself warrants a lock and delist of the thread, but I continued. I loaded the AIA into Thunkable, and astoundingly, it’s a legit app. Not one of those fraud infinite ADs apps. Yeah, the components aren’t properly aligned, there’s NullPointers scattered around, and the drawing function isn’t smooth… But at least it does something.

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I dont know why this was opened again. User was posting aia on thunkable and appybuilder community. Aia are made with thunkable so not compatible.


I did what @Diego already mentioned in a post