Image Editor from Url

I use the ‘image editor’ component with images from the url. and that doesn’t work. How do you use the ‘image editor’ component with images that originate from the url?

Use the “Web” component to download the image by putting the URL of the image, tick “Save file” on the properties and use the “Download file” block. Once the download is finished, use the “When download is finished” block and paste your Image editor block into it. If you need more help, send a message here, I’m gonna post images :grin:

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thank you for the answer … but I hope there is another way without downloading the image …

Try using Direct Download Link of the image.

You can use it this way:
You have to load the image into an Image component, and apply the filter or effect you want

I already did it with blocks like that, but the picture is not on display @pepocero

When I use Dirrect download, the picture is only on display but still does not work in Image editor

It’s strange that it doesn’t work for you. I tried it and it works for me.

Show what blocks you are using.

Have you checked that the url is well written?

try it with this url … can it?

Try, I don’t think so but you can use my website to upload images to a direct link. This upload your image to make a download link :grin:

You upload an image here, so if I use this image, it will be hosted on Kodular’s servers (I use Cloudinary, which is easy and fast)

You’re not giving me any URL. You’re giving me an image (hosted by Kodular)

This way I don’t think anyone can help you. Pay a little more attention or try to follow more tutorials to know how app inventor or similar works.

I didn’t upload it … I put the image url … but the codular system has changed the url and host

You can try selecting the link and clicking on the pre-formatted text tool:


Please note that some links do not work if they are not direct links. For example, at Mega it does not work.

Try with other image urls, if they work is because the server of your image does not work