Image editor how to save new image

in my 1 app image editor after i edit i want to save image in custom folder i try but not working.

And what is the question?

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i want to save edited image costume folder how ?
like /myapp/newimage.png

Then you should change the path of it or not?

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i try this method but is not working

i change but after i change path image not editing

i Have 1 mouth to still this problem.

Any Solution ?

try full path:

i already try this not working

The Image_Editor is apparently an implemented component based on Mika’s Image Editor extension:

so see there how to work with it.

in this extension work custom path ?

problem with Companion or APK?

apk and companion both

Are you sure that you have a folder on your device called ImageEditor ?

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folder is not there but i want to create this folder

Use File component to create directory then.


as @yusufcihan said

try this:

right now custom file path working fine but not work gallery refresh
how to set it to work

file name = ?
imageeditor/image.png ya
full path ?

i try this 3 method but not working

try this

also what about using Do it to debug your blocks?
see tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps