Image file extension error

sir i have to solve this problem urgently .When ever i try to share image which is in firebase storage bucket it shows format error.but it is already in that format what should i have to do ?

You posted in the wrong category!
You have to post in “feedback” “bug”

Show your blocks!
The error comes from the image you put in, what’s the file name?
Check that you have marked the file name with the extension in the properties or blocks !

First I dont know what your app is but judging by the tab names (I’m lovin it)

@Franck_G28 I changed it from Discuss to Feadback Iwant.

Recently lots have been putting the wrong categories idk why.

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It was answered in another forum. In the error message you have the answer.

where? please tell

you must also add .png or .jpg in text block