Image in horizontal arrangement are not showing?

In Kodular :arrow_up:

In App :arrow_up:

How do you set images ? Post your blocks

there is no block for images set yet!!

So you set them in designer properties ?

ya correct

here are theproperties
Screenshot from 2021-10-28 12-31-26

You have defined width then why do you enable scale to fit?

It is designer problem only. Test patiently with one by one property

i also tried turned off scale fit

image is not showing horizontal arrangement but showing out side of it

What should I do ??
Please Tell me!!!

Post a test aia here showing your problem

EU_NEWUI_TEST.aia (5.8 MB)

it can be solved?

Try this, I played a little with percentages and arrangements

EU_NEWUI_TEST_1.aia (5.8 MB)