Image in TinyDB Rotate it and after save into TinyDB

Hello i am using TinyDB to store Image and to show them using DynamicImage component.
i try to rotate any image in the TinyDB and store last image in same tag in TinyDB on DynamicImage component that was succeded but when i refreh screen this image and other image was rotate together.I used a uniq tag for each Image in TinyDB.How can i solve this problem?
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while saving images in a tinydb , assign them with different index along with tag, so you can easily store, retrieve, randomly can take images…

Yes, I already used a separate and unique tag for each image, while saving them to TinyDB. After converting the image, I save it with whatever tag I called it. But after saving, pictures with different tags also change direction.

can you share your block or demo aia?

Problem ocuured in the second i uploaded picture after rotation and save to tiny db with uniq tag then refresh secreen other images rotate together but i am sure other image’s tag is uniq in Tinydb

is it dynamic component’s bug ?

global id_ comes from DynamicCardview When Click event

i dont think so it is a bug, where as in the place of component why did you use dynamic image, actually thee you should use, call dynamic component get id…

make sure this block is correct…
where i think you should use any component

Because , count of image volatility in this project i have to use dynamic component

I did it both ways. First of all, as you said, the image rotates directly on the component, but the rotated version is registered to the tiny db, while other images are also affected by this rotation, whereas the _id I use for the tag is unique.

can you share your sample aia?

sample aia

problem occured in bottom of the project that i send picture now.
There is a message limit for daily send so i could not send it now.
Bottom of the aia project CardView1_click event
This project is for periodic maintenance of the wind turbine.
Maybe TinyDB just fell short for what I wanted to do?

since you are dealing with tinydb, i cannot proceed further i think…

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