Image OCR cool UI,fast, Excellent

Hi koders this is my new humble app


is the name of my humble app
:page_with_curl::page_facing_up: :point_right: :memo:


This is a modest OCR app for images the app is very fast for me so you can test it with any image that contains text what ever this text long .


  1. processing any image that contains text.
  2. the app is very fast .
  3. cool UI design.
  4. multilingual



Apk Download link:

APK file

AIA file:

The aia file was published in the description of new video today on this youtube video
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Thank you very much


That’s Great Keep Going

Is there any limitations on it

No there no processing limits

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The video on youtube has nothing to do with OCR ?

I said that the URL is in the description of the video
I didn’t say any thing about video content,
So you can download aia file and check it your self .

Strange way of doing things …

You should give credit to the extension developers in your project…

But I didn’t use any extensions I use only web :roll_eyes:

In your aia:


Yes I said I used web but sorry l don’t remember to use other 2 extensions cause the aia was created for a while so excuse me