Image picker with camera options

How to call the image taker who has the camera option?

This way, I can only have 1 button on my app.

why not use the Gallery Viewer and above that add a button for camera and when button click take a picture simple!!

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.
If the other applications can call this intention this way, why not do it?

What I’m going to do at the moment, is to present a dialog with two options “Camera” or “Gallery”.
This is the most simple and practical at the moment.

But the suggestion remains.

Give some more information, Your question is not clear.

his question is pretty clear he want to add a button for take new picture when selecting picture

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See in the first post my image.

I need to call the image picker with the option to take a photo if I want to.

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This Method Might Help You :

Output :
After Clicking The Button , It Will Show A Notifier With Two Buttons , That Are

  1. Camara
  2. Gallery

On Clicking The Desired Button , The User Will Be Redricated To Either Camara OR Gallery

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I did it anyway.
But I would like 1 step less for the user.

I tried for the Activity Starter, but I was unable to make the multi-selection work with the Extras parameter.