Image tint colour

how can i set the alpha of the tint colour?
if i try this 1
it gives error that 0.5 dont work?

Alpha is a value between 0 and 255.

In your case arround 113

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ohhhh okay my rgba generator website said 0.5
thank you :+1:

+14.5 :smiley:

still getting error

Why do you delete the tint after you set it?

i have 2 images 1 gets set tintcolor other is getting cleared

Ahh… Now I saw it :smiley:
What happens on apk?

same error

A normal color works or?

yes ( havent tried it with make list block just 1 min)

nope dosent work so i think it has something to do with the list

I found your bug.
Do it like this:


imagetint.aia (33,2 KB)

You must use the “make a color” block together with the make a list block.
Then it works.


Thank you :+1:

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