Image Utilities

I need to change canavas picture

But i cant set the block

that blck cant fit there

you need to mention component there mostly you can go to canvas 2 and select last block from there

?? i dont get it

You need to put component itself (like Image1) instead of component’s property.

In this case, scroll down of Canvas2 component, then get last block. It is same as component name.

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I did , but it doesnt work

Image is not showing

Everything same with image as component works , but wen i put canavas (like this on picture) in component it doesnt work

This works only with images and arrangements


not possible , daman

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Did you try this

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@alrmailay i have tried this extension but it doesn’t load high quality image so i don’t think that its best decision to use that.It has only one good feature and that it has image loaded event thats it.

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Is your path correct ?? , Any spelling mistake , whitespaces , path is case sensitive , take. A look towards it and search how to enter path maybe your problem get solve , try these

Path is okey , i put image component it works great , i put canavas it doesnt .

It should work in the upcoming update.
Let’s hope that the fix do his work like me :smiley:

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thank you :slight_smile: Mika

Waiting for it