Impersonation and attribution for apps uploaded in playstore

I am making an app for a famous motivational speaker of India there are many features but one doubt am having,
I have included an screen for social media/contact information in that I have given button on click redirects to link of the respective social media but on the buttons i have placed image of facebook,instagram twitter and youtube.

If i upload this app on Playstore will my app get rejected/suspended due to impersonation ??

The icons i am using is gathered from Flaticon

I have free membership there and will definitely provide them attribution in the credits sections of the app as mentioned in their attribution policy just asking this question bcz the logo’s are of facebook/instagram/google e.t.c

I think you can use icons inside your app but not as your app icon.
Otherwise you should have owners permission.Because as you said you are making app on other person that can cause big problem for you.
’ Credit ’ means some one who inspired you or helped you in your work.
Be careful while making apps on other person or the content you do not own like youtube channel, facebook page or instagram story.

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I have permission for it or rather more he himself asked me to make his app there is no issue with him but a doubt for icons of the big companies.

Read this topic:

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yes is allowed inside in app dont wrry . And if u worry then just add credits in your app description.
i also use this social icons . My app in play store for 1.5 year without any problem.