Import google sheets

hi guys,
i have a google sheet with an importxml that refresh every 5 minutes.
i need to import the data in my application, i see that at the moment there isn’t a google sheets block so anyone have an advise to import that data?
with spreadsheet is possibile to make this?

Por qué no utilizas una base de datos más sólida como myql…o caso contrario Airtable , que es igual a excel

because i used google sheets to scraping a web pages dinamically.
i don’t know mysql, can i extract data form a web page with it?

Web response or website? What r u talking about?

a website.
i used google sheets to extract some data from a web page

I’m really eager to know how u used spreadsheet to extract website data!

i use this IMPORTXML - Docs Editors Help

i find a solution

in the url i insert the spreadsheets url like this:


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